Welcome to Exum Recording. Located just off the 15 in North County you will find Exum’s location convenient and easy to find. With some of the best equipment in San Diego, Exum recording can ensure you receive an outstanding, professional recording and the service you need to sound your best.

When you choose Exum, you will find the most important part of a great recording studio, experience. Scott Exum has recorded and mixed virtually every genre of music for over three decades and offers unsurpassed production expertise.  He is well connected with a wide network of studio musicians who are available whenever needed.  Scott also does specialized video production, non-musical recording and commercials.

In 1979, Scott began his long career as a successful audio engineer and studio owner in Chicago, and has since worked with some of Southern California’s most successful artists, including Blink 182, Unwritten Law, Agent 51, and members of Steely Dan, and the Steve Miller Band. The four song demo Scott recorded for the band Stabbing Westward helped them score a deal with major label, Sony Records. In 1994, Scott moved his well established business from Chicago to his current location in Southern California and started Exum Recording.

Exum’s facility is comprised of four tracking rooms with a spacious control room, and we’re capable of handling a broad variety of recording situations. We host full band tracking, choirs, and with a grand piano on site, no project is too hard to handle. In the control room, you will find some of the best vintage gear in San Diego, including a Neotek Series II Console, Sony JH 24 Track 2″ Analog Tape Machine, Master Room Spring XL-305 Reverb, a Vintage Plate Reverb, and racks of other outboard gear. In addition, Exum uses some of Pro Audio’s best modern equipment, including Protools HD.

The recipe for your recording session’s success is the best equipment, a comfortable environment, and a creative partnership between you and the engineers. At Exum, you’ll work in a large, comfortable studio, staffed with engineers that are professional and experienced with the best in both modern and vintage equipment.

Exum Recording Owner/Engineer - Scott Exum

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